Ticket Representatives

Faculty or Service


Advancement Services Stéphanie Bigras-Charrette
Alumni Relations Office Stéphanie Bigras-Charrette
Arts Nathalie Dumas
Associate Vice-President, Student Life Kafia Barkat
Central Administration Justine Mukayiranga
Civil Law Helga Dumontier
Common Law Stacey Birch
Community Life Service Nadine Mineault
Conventions and Reservations, and uOttawa Card Marie-Line Breton
COOP and Careers Manon Racine
Development Amina Kane
Education Carole Corno
Engineering Nadine El-ouedghiri
Enrollment Management Medjina Samah Fenton
Facilities Andrée-Anne Caron
Mary Ruth Endicott
Financial Resources Marie-Pier Robert-Pagette
Food Services Marie-Line Breton
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Brigitte Bénazet
Health Sciences Tanya Mendes
Housing Service Boucher, Monique
Human Resources Karen Maw
Human Rights Office Mélissa Charest
Information Technology Anne Bercier
Institute of the Environment Kathryn Leggault
International Office Nathalie Dutrisac
Language Services Stéphanie Bigras-Charrette
Library Mylène Lepage
Medecine Nazly Keskin
Michaëlle-Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement Manon Racine
Janick Lobb
Office of Risk Management Martin Giguère
Professional Development Institute Edgar Xavier Mendoza
Protection Services Sylvie Ricard
Research Enjolie Provost
Sciences France Malette
Social Sciences Muriele Dagenais
Sports Lucie Laroche
Student Academic Success Service Francine D'Amour
Teaching and Learning Support Service Denis Bouchard
Technology Transfer and Business Enterprise Chantal Graham
Telfer Linda Bellemare
Union Marcelle Desmornes
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