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Documenting the history of women who have contributed to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in Canada.

In collaboration with Library and Archives Canada and the Canadian Institute of Women in Engineering and Sciences (CIWES), the University of Ottawa Library’s Archives and Special Collections is establishing a centre of expertise to support research on women’s contributions to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in Canada. 

The goal of the Canadian Archive of Women in STEM is to increase awareness of, and access to, archival records in Canada and to encourage women working in STEM to donate their records for posterity.  

For the first time in Canada, information about the archival records of women in STEM held by Canadian cultural institutions are brought together in one place and accessible in both English and French. Our searchable index (the Portal) will help you to discover the history of women and organizations involved in STEM in Canada and direct you to the institutions that hold their records. 

If you have worked in STEM and are interested in donating your records to the University of Ottawa Archives and Special Collections, please review our donation guide below and contact us by email at [email protected].  

If your cultural institution would like to have your STEM fonds or collection descriptions featured in the Portal, or if you would like to pursue collaboration with the University of Ottawa Archives and Special Collections, please contact us at [email protected]

Donating your records

Women have made outstanding contributions to science, technology, and engineering and mathematics (STEM), but the known history of women in STEM in Canada is still in its infancy.  

There is a pressing need to provide current and future women scientists and engineers in Canada with an accurate and inspiring understanding of their past and to ensure that women’s ongoing contributions to STEM are recorded for posterity.  

Donating records to a historical archive ensures that future generations will know of your contributions and become inspired.  If you are a woman in STEM, or know a woman in STEM, follow the simple steps outlined in our “How to Guide” to get started with the donation process.  

The Canadian Archive of Women in STEM is a new initiative of the Archives and Special Collections at the University of Ottawa Library. Its primary purpose is to acquire, preserve and make available, archival records in all formats that will enrich the research of women’s contributions to STEM in Canada. The Archives and Special Collections is a modern and publicly accessible repository and our collections are used by a broad range of individuals from a wide range of disciplines, including teachers and students, independent scholars, writers, journalists, and community activists.

A “How-To” guide for preparing your records for donation

Donate your Files and folders

Partners and sponsors


  • University of Ottawa
  • Library and Archives Canada
  • CIWES ( The Canadian Institute of Women in Engineering and Science)


  • Association de la francophonie à propos des femmes en sciences, technologies, ingénierie et mathématiques (AFFESTIM)
  • Canadian Commission for UNESCO/Commission canadienne pour l’UNESCO
  • Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada SSHRC/Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines du Canada (CRSH) 
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)/Conseil de recherches en sciences naturelles et en génie du Canada (CRSNG)
  • Faculty of Engineering of the University of Ottawa/Faculté de génie de l’Université d’Ottawa
  • Faculty of Science of the University of Ottawa/Faculté des sciences de l’Université d'Ottawa
  • Fonds de recherche du Québec - Nature et technologies (FRQNT)
  • Fonds de recherche du Québec -  Société et culture (FRQSC)
  • Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé (FRQS)
  • British High Commission in Canada/Haut-commissariat du Royaume Uni au Canada
  • IBM Canada
  • Institute for Science, Society and Policy (ISSP) of the University of Ottawa/Institut de recherche sur la science, la société et la politique publique de l’Université d’Ottawa
  • Engineers Canada/Ingénieurs Canada
  • National Network of NSERC Chairs for Women in Science and Engineering/Réseau National des Chaires CRSNG pour les femmes en sciences et génie
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