To facilitate access to its original collections while ensuring their preservation, the Archives and Special Collections offers users various consultation and reproduction possibilities.

Consultation and reproduction of our collections

Scan on Demand service now available

ARCS is now offering limited scanning services for researchers. Please contact us at [email protected] with your request or for more information.

Consulting our collections

A complete guide on consulting archival resources can be found on our LibGuide.

All of the material held at the Archives and Special Collections, including the archival fonds and collections, the rare books, the facsimiles, the artist books, the pamphlets, and the reference collection material must be consulted onsite.

The reading room of the Archives and Special Collections is located on the concourse level of the Morisset Library building, room 039. Typically, it is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 4:30 pm during the academic year, and 9am to 4pm from June to August. Upon arrival, ring the bell and the staff will welcome you and help you with your research queries.

If you have already identified what you would like to consult or if you are planning a visit and your time is limited, we invite you to send us a completed consultation form in advance to [email protected] so we can prepare the documents for your visit.

Possible restrictions to access

We make every possible effort to give access to all the documents in our collections. However, it is possible that certain documents and collections are currently being processed or have not yet been catalogued. Although the majority of documents are available to researchers, certain documents have some consultation restrictions.

The format or poor physical condition of the documents can often limit access. Certain documents should be consulted only with the assistance of an employee of the Archives and Special Collections or it may be possible to consult a copy in place of the original. Also, certain documents may not be available for access for a determined period of time due to the fact that they contain sensitive personal information or in accordance with the wishes of the donor.


It is possible to obtain reproductions of documents under certain terms and conditions. When the reproduction of a document is permitted, staff can create photocopies or digital scans, or you may use your own personal device to take images. 

Photocopying and digital scanning services

Upon request, we provide copying services in the form of hard copy photocopies or scans as PDF files for text based documents.  High resolution scans for photographs are also available with standard specification as TIFF file at 600 ppi RGB but can be adjusted as needed.  Fees may apply.


Images taken with personal devices are free of charge. A minimum fee of $10 will be applied for scanning requests.  Fees may be waved at the discretion of the Head of Archives and Special Collections . Payment with a valid credit card is required.

The fee schedule  is as follows (after the $10 minimum): 
Legal/letter size - $0.30/page 
PDF image - $0.20/page
High Resolution image scan - $10/image

Please note that documents that have been previously scanned and available in the Archives database can be downloaded free of charge directly from within the image viewer. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. Reproductions may only be provided in accordance with Canadian copyright law. Materials that are protected by copyright and not in the public domain may be reproduced for the purpose of research, private study, education, parody or satire in accordance with the Canadian Copyright Act. The reproduction might be used for the purpose of criticism, review or news reporting if the source and the name of the author, if given in the source, are mentioned. Users wishing to use the reproduction for any other purpose should obtain written permission from the copyright owner.
  2. The recipient of the reproduction assumes all risks and responsibility for any copyright infringement or invasion of privacy caused by the use of the reproduction and agrees to save the University of Ottawa Library Network, including ARCS from any infringement action arising in connection with the use of the reproduction.
  3. If documents are fragile or in poor physical condition, reproductions may not be possible.  It is up to the discretion of ARCS staff to decline or limit reproduction.
  4. Researchers are responsible for maintaining complete and accurate citations of all items that are reproduced.
  5. Recipients are required to complete the Assumption Of Liability In Return For Reproduction form.  The form is available here or by contacting [email protected]    
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