Donating to the Archives and Special Collections


The support and generosity of private donors have been crucial to the development of the Archives and Special Collections. Gifts of rare books, archival documents and financial support from generous private sponsors continue to be very important to our ongoing development. Gift-in-Kind donations are accepted in keeping with our Acquisition Policy; a copy of which can be provided upon request.

Gift of archival documents

Our archival collections have been built up as a result of generous donations of documents by individuals and organizations throughout Canada.

Currently, we are only accepting potential donations from our two main collecting areas: the history of women and the women’s movement in Canada and the history of Slovak communities in Canada.

If you would like to donate archival material please consult the Propose a gift of archival material (PDF, 783KB) document. Often potential donors are modest about what they have to donate, especially if it involves their own work or accomplishments, thinking “who would be interested in this”? Potential donors may also be concerned about the amount of preparation required to donate items. While the donation process involves some  preparation, it is a relatively straightforward process  and we are here to help.

Gift of rare books

The rare book collection of the University of Ottawa was rebuilt after the fire of 1903 which destroyed the main buildings of the University, including the library and its collection. In the aftermath, the librarian Jean-Léon Allie was at the forefront of a large campaign to replace this terrible loss. A large part of the current collection is the result of his work and also the generosity of institutions and private donors throughout Canada and Europe who enriched the collection by in-kind donations and financial support. Every year the Archives and Special Collections continues  to receive donations  of books which enrich the collection for the benefit of the students, professors, and researchers who come from all over the world to consult our collections.

Books and pamphlets printed in Canada prior to 1914 or internationally prior to 1860 will be considered as well as books that are unique such as artists books, limited editions, rare illustrated books, and journals. Please do  not hesitate to communicate with us if you would like to propose a gift of rare books or if you have any questions.

Financial support to Archives and Special Collections

Monetary donations and bequests from individuals, families, corporations, foundations, and other organizations are greatly appreciated. These donations help to support the necessary work of describing and making the collections accessible to students, researchers, and the public. They allow the Archives and Special collections to make new acquisitions, to ensure the preservation of archival documents, to preserve and restore the rare book collection, to buy tools for the creation of exhibitions, and other outreach activities. 

We will be happy to provide you with further information. You can also make your donation online or by contacting the Development Office at the University of Ottawa and mentioning that your donation is for the Archives and Special Collections.

Contact us


To make a donation or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to communicate with us:

Marina Bokovay
Head of Archives and Special Collections
[email protected]
(613) 562-5800 ext. 3453

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