#TextbookBroke Fall 2020 Campaign

The University of Ottawa Library is conducting its Fall #TextbookBroke campaign from September 21 to 25. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the campaign will be running virtually. 

The Library wishes to continue collecting data from students on the amount of money they have spent so far on their required textbooks for the Fall 2020 term to better understand the costs associated with post-secondary education. We are also curious to see if the move to mostly online and distance learning has affected textbook spending in any way.

Students are invited to share their costs with us on social media or by using the form below; they are also more than welcome to leave any other comments that they would deem insightful! 

How much are you spending on textbooks this term? We want to hear from you! Help inform initiatives aimed at making course materials more affordable at uOttawa.

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