Black History Month: celebrating hip-hop history in Canada

Black History Month
Turntable and a Hip Hop singer
This year, the Library is exploring and celebrating Black History Month through the lens of hip-hop, a musical and cultural movement that is deeply embedded in Canada, and has spanned over 40 years.

Beyond the Brutalist walls of Morisset Library, did you know we carry a whole host of hip-hop-themed books? And that through Omni, you could search for and access a host of e-resources from documentaries to poetry and yes, even a comic book on hip-hop culture, identity, and community. 

In celebration of Black History Month, and the 50th anniversary of hip hop (2023), we’ve curated a special list of titles for you to explore.  Come check out our selection of items on display on the first floor of the Morisset Library, which will be available for the whole month of February.  










CHUO 89.1 FM shows to follow

Spotify playlist

And to top it all off, what would a list of resources be without a playlist of some of our favorite Canadian hip-hop songs? Hip hop, hooray! 

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