Library OER Grant Recipients - Winter 2022

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The University of Ottawa Library is pleased to award its 2022 OER grants.

The University of Ottawa Library is pleased to award its 2022 OER grants to the following professors:  

Luis Abanto, Assistant Professor and Chair, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures 

Pedagogical Resources on H5P for LCM 1501 Comment apprendre les langues étrangères” ($4,993.50) 

This project aims to create pedagogical resources using H5P to support the learning of mandatory content in LCM 1501 Comment apprendre les langues étrangères, taught in French and is mandatory in the “World Languages and Cultures” major. These interactive activities will allow for a better understanding of concepts in international languages, sociolinguistics and language policies. 

Elaine Beaulieu, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology 

“Saving biology students $78,000 per year; a continuing project” ($4,896.48) 

The aim for this project is to adapt and translate Chapters 4 (Cell Structure) and 5 (Structure and Functions of Plasma Membranes) of OpenStax Biology 2nd edition. This continuing endeavour is meant to address the lack of French-language open textbooks in biology. This adaptation will be used in BIO 1540 Introduction à la biologie cellulaire, benefiting over 500 students a year at uOttawa.  

Christina Clark-Kazak, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs 

“Research Across Borders” ($5,000.00) 

Teaching research methods in French in conflict studies, human rights, international development, and international studies poses several pedagogical challenges, including students’ fear of methodology, lack of interdisciplinary materials, few comprehensive teaching materials on the specificities of research in cross-border and cross-cultural contexts, and paucity of French-language open access (or affordable) teaching materials. This project will create French-language OER based on Prof. Clark-Kazak's forthcoming book, Research Across Borders (UTP, 2022). A French-language pedagogical video and applied learning activity based on francophone contexts and examples will be produced for each of the twelve topics covered in the book. It is anticipated that these materials will benefit not only students in ECH 2720 Méthodes qualitatives en études des conflits et droits humains, but also francophone students across uOttawa and elsewhere.  

Miche-Lyne Chagnon, Part-Time Professor, School of Social Work 

“Individual Intervention in Social Work” ($5,000.00) 

This project aims to address the lack of practical tools in French to model individual intervention and meet certain objectives of various courses at the School of Social Work, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The objective is to create video clips modeling role plays for students in helping relationships, highlighting various approaches, clienteles and problems in intervention. 

Anders Knudby, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics 

“Lab exercises for 'Introduction to Geomatics’” ($5,000.00) 

The ability to process geospatial data and turn it into information is crucial for a solid understanding of the patterns and processes that shape the modern world. Introductory geomatics courses include computer-based exercises, in which students gain hands-on experience processing different geospatial data types using industry-leading software. This project will develop lab exercises to accompany an open textbook, allowing the entire course package to be adopted by all instructors teaching GEG 2320 Introduction to Geomatics and GEG 2720 Introduction à la géomatique.

Muriel Mignerat, Associate Professor, Telfer School of Management 

“Textbook for ADM1770” ($5,000.00) 

This project aims to complete the adaptation of an open textbook for ADM 1770 Application des technologies de l’information en gestion. As a rapidly evolving field, it is also difficult to find existing material in French that focuses on the Canadian context. American and European content will be adapted and updated to reflect more recent technologies, and Canadian examples will be added. 

Carolina Ruminot, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education 

“MATH Teaching and Learning through manipulation in a context of equity and inclusion” ($4,974.28) 

This project aims to promote equity and enrich the mathematical capacities of future teachers in Francophone settings through a series of videos that address the manipulation of concrete and virtual materials for teaching and learning mathematics. This resource will be used in mathematics education courses at the University of Ottawa and its Toronto and Windsor campuses. 

Tanya Schmah, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics 

“Translation of Course Notes for MAT 2522 and MAT 2525” ($5,000.00) 

The objective of this project is to translate into French two detailed sets of open course notes, including illustrations, examples and exercises, created by Prof. Alistair Savage for MAT 2122 Multivariable Calculus and MAT 2125 Elementary Real Analysis. The French versions will be used in the corresponding courses MAT 2522 Calcul différentiel de plusieurs variables and MAT 2525 Éléments d’analyse réelle. A secondary purpose of this project is to further develop an existing mathematical term bank for use in this and future translation projects. 

Winners were selected by a four-member committee based on the clarity of the proposal, the significance of the project and its impact on students as well as its feasibility.  


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