Check the occupancy level at Morisset in real-time!

students in Morisset
know how busy Morisset Library is beforehand and choose your best space to study!

Students may sometimes spend a long time finding available or less crowded spaces to study.  

To adress this concern, the Library has added a new technology on our website called Occuspace allowing uOttawa students to save their time by checking how busy our spaces are in real-time, on each floor of the Morisset Library. 

So, you no longer have to worry about occupancy levels! Just check our website before you go and save time! 

Screenshot occuspace

How does this technology works? What about privacy?  

Occuspace uses sensors to scan for Bluetooth and WiFi signal activity in an area from laptops, and cellphones... Total signal activity is analyzed in real-time to determine the occupancy level on each Morisset Library floor.  

The uOttawa Library is commited to protecting your privacy. The technology uses sensors that only detect devices and don’t store any personal information. Your privacy will be fully protected. 

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