Take part in the Library space and Design consultation.

Students studying at Morisset
Let’s reimagine the Library spaces together!

As part of the Library Space and Design Plan to revitalize and reimagine the spaces at uOttawa Library, we are consulting with uOttawa students from February 6 to February 10, 2023, at Morisset Library. 

Students are invited to participate in the space and design consultation and share feedback and opinions about study spaces and their ideas about the future of the study environment at the Library.  

A series of poster boards are available on the main floor of the Library and the 2nd floor of Morisset Hall. Each poster board will include images with questions and students will be invited to share their reactions and ideas using dots and post-it notes.

Your ideas will help us better understand the needs of students, reimagine our study spaces and improve the study experience at the Library.

poster boards at Morisset
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