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Our services

Data deposit is supported for University of Ottawa faculty, students, and affiliated researchers. The repository is multidisciplinary and hosted on Canadian servers. It includes features such as permanent links (DOIs) which encourage citation of your dataset and help you set terms for access and reuse of your data. uOttawa Dataverse is currently optimal for small to medium datasets.

What we offer

  • Provide guidance on the deposit process and the preparation of the dataset for deposit according to deposit guidelines
  • Create subDataverses and assign permissions to different members of a team within a subDataverse
  • Review deposited datasets for compliance with deposit guidelines and publish if compliant
  • Provide workshops on preparing and depositing data in Dataverse

What we do not offer

  • Create metadata (ReadMe files, data dictionaries, code books, catalogue metadata)
  • Review data for scientific quality
  • Data cleaning
  • File conversions
  • Data anonymization or de-identification
  • Mediated data deposit

Deposit workflow

Steps for depositor:

  1. Prepare data for deposit according to guidelines
  2. Create account 
  3. Create draft dataset
  4. Submit for review 

Steps for curator:

  1. Curate dataset according to guidelines
  2. Compliant with guidelines?
    1. Yes: Publish dataset
    2. No: Return to depositor for changes
  3. Send curation report
Deposit workflow

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