#TextbookBroke Fall 2022 Campaign

Photo anime students saving money
The Fall 2022 #TextbookBroke campaign ran September 19-23 in five University of Ottawa Library locations and at the University of Ottawa Students Union office.  

This campaign aims to raise awareness among the university community about the cost of textbooks and how open educational resources and free quality learning material might help students reduce their costs while having a positive impact on their academic performance. It is also a chance for students to voice their concerns and validate their experiences.  

Two hundred and fifty post-its were collected, with students indicating they spent on average $288.37 on their textbooks this term. 


They also left quite a few comments. Many of these mentioned that exorbitant textbook prices led students to skip out on buying required textbooks altogether or resort to piracy as an alternative.


Trying to save?  

  • Attend the virtual workshop “How to Navigate the Textbook Market and Save Money” on December 1 
  • Explore the Library’s evolving list of suggested open educational resources (OER) for courses at uOttawa. You might find free quality learning material that can supplement required textbooks 💡 
  • Visit “Finding OER” on the Library website for search tips and resources.
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