Elizabeth Dubois
Elizabeth Dubois
Faculty member
University Research Chair in Politics, Communication and Technology Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Faculty of Arts

DMS 11156


Dr. Elizabeth Dubois is the University Research Chair in Politics, Communication and Technology, a Faculty member at the Centre for Law, Technology and Society and an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ottawa.

Dr. Elizabeth Dubois’ work examines political uses of digital media including media manipulation, citizen engagement, and artificial intelligence. 

Dr. Dubois runs the Pol Comm Tech Lab, a multi-disciplinary research group focused on exploring the intersections of politics, communication, and technology, which includes political scientists, computer scientists, and communication scholars. She collaborates internationally with non-profits, technology companies, journalists, and academics. Her public writing has appeared in Maclean's, The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, Policy Options, The Conversation, Salon and has been featured in many others.