sava saheli singh
sava saheli singh
Research Fellow, Surveillance, Society and Technology (2021-2022)
eQuality-Scotiabank Postdoctoral Fellow, AI and Surveillance (2020-2021)


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sava saheli singh is a Research Fellow, Surveillance, Society and Technology at the University of Ottawa Centre for Law, Technology and Society.

She was previously the eQuality-Scotiabank Postdoctoral Fellow in AI and Surveillance.

With The eQuality Project, sava saheli singh worked on a research project that examines how teachers use learning technologies in their practice and how this has been impacted by COVID-19.

With the AI + Society Initiative, sava saheli singh produced a short, near future, fiction film focused on the issues around the use of AI and algorithmic decision making in the context of educational technology.

This film will be the fourth in the award-winning Screening Surveillance series, a public education and knowledge translation project that calls attention to the potential human consequences of big data surveillance. sava saheli singh co-produced the first three films as a postdoctoral fellow with the Surveillance Studies Centre at Queen’s University in Kingston.

sava saheli singh received her PhD from New York University’s Educational Communication and Technology program. Her dissertation, titled “Academic Twitter: Pushing the Boundaries of Traditional Scholarship”, addresses how 21st-century academics negotiate their professional identities as a complex form of emotional, intellectual, and academic labor and the ways in which this helps and hinders their academic and personal lives.

As an interdisciplinary scholar, her current research interests include educational surveillance; digital labour and surveillance capitalism; restorative justice and abolition; speculative fiction; and critically examining the effects of technology and techno-utopianism on society.