The provision of socially inclusive housing for people labeled with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) has been at the forefront of the Canadian disability policy agenda since the 1960s. However, numerous policy barriers have impeded the progress of inclusive housing policies for this population. These include austere spending within social services, tensions between public and private provision, coordination dilemmas within the multilevel governance of IDD policies, and the shortage of qualified frontline staff. Efforts to address these policy barriers must contend with more pervasive political barriers such as systemic ableism and, in recent times, the troubling impacts of COVID-19 and the Canadian housing crisis, which have led to the re-emergence of explicitly exclusionary practices. Against these persistent barriers, this presentation discusses the future of Canadian IDD housing policy and questions the durability of the social inclusion policy orientation in this sector.

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Picture of Daniel Dickson

Dr. Daniel Dickson (he/him)


Postdoctoral Fellow 
School of Political Studies
University of Ottawa

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Date and time
Feb 29, 2024
12 p.m.
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General public
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Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services