Our Human Rights Research and Education Centre (HRREC) celebrated its 40th anniversary during the academic year 2021-2022! This is a major milestone and we wanted to mark this accomplishment by remembering key moments of the Centre’s history, in particular the direct link between the creation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms (1982) and the birth of our Centre a few months earlier.

Research, Educate, Advocate and Convene for Human rights

The work of the HRREC is essential to better understand, advance, and support human rights in Canada and beyond. By promoting human rights through a dynamic and rigorous action-research approach, we add value to global and national progress on human rights through the original research and outreach activities of our members, and our partners. By building on links with relevant actors in government, civil society, Indigenous Communities and academia for events, knowledge exchanges, research projects and other initiatives, the HRREC also offers training opportunities for students and civil society organizations on cutting edge concepts and methodologies. Based on this work, we have composed an exciting programme of activities and events over the coming months and we want to invite you to join us!

Support the HRREC

Our ambition is to reach further in order to serve and support the needs of tomorrow’s students and community partners—with increased and enhanced program offerings, advocacy with global impact, and more intensive training reaching more communities. Help sustain the important work of the HRREC in the future by considering these flagship initiatives to support.

We thank the members of our 40th Anniversary Committee: Professors Valerie SteevesAndré Laliberté and Scott Simon (Faculty of Social Sciences, uOttawa), former uOttawa President and Professor Allan RockAlex Neve (former Secretary General of Amnesty International Canada [English Section]), Anoush F. Terjanian (HRREC Fellow), Ph.D. Candidate Stéphanie Bacher, Ph.D. Candidate and HRREC Student Members Representative Slava Balan, Professor Tenille Brown (Bora Laskin School of Law), as well as Assistant Director Viviana Fernandez and HRREC Director John Packer.

Thanks for making this anniversary year something special!


Showcasing the Centre

PROGRAMME (2021-2022)

Images of Justice 2021: The Right to Housing

The Human Rights Research and Education Centre (HRREC) was pleased to participate, in partnership with CONTEKSTTHE SHIFT, the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section, the Ryerson Lincoln Alexander School of Law, and The Law Foundation of Ontario, in the third edition of IMAGES of JUSTICE: The Right to Housing

The Right to Housing