The Human Rights Research and Education Centre brings together individuals and groups both within and outside the academy whose activities are aligned with the mission and values as described in the Centre’s constitution. There are four (4) categories of membership. All members have equal rights and responsibilities.
  • (i) Academic members: Full-time university professors at the University of Ottawa.
  • (ii) Fellows: Professors, researchers or professionals from organizations other than the University of Ottawa who work with the Centre in various capacities, including consultation, strategic advice and collaboration on projects.
  • (iii) Student members: Graduate students pursuing work under the direction of a Full academic member of the Centre, and other graduate or undergraduate students involved in human rights and social justice projects within the University of Ottawa.
  • (iv) Community members: Individuals from the wider human rights community that are not part of the University of Ottawa.

Members are responsible for contributing to the Centre’s mission by engaging in a programme of research or research discussion and by ensuring that the Centre has visibility in their human rights related publications and research or knowledge mobilization grant applications. In addition, members agree to contribute to the Centre’s annual report by providing a list of human rights related research and project activities and publications under taken during the period of the report.

Membership status is granted by the Management Committee for a maximum duration of three years. This status is renewable.

For its part, the Centre will provide support to the research projects and research dissemination activities of its members according to the availability of its resources and in conformity with its Strategic Plan.

Application form to become a member of HRREC (Word Document).