HRREC student member Christiana Sagay at the IBA Conference

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By University of Ottawa

Human Rights Research and Education Centre, HRREC

The International Bar Association (IBA) 2023 Conference was held in Paris from October 29 to November 3, 2023.

HRREC student member Christiana Essie Sagay, a Ph.D. student at the University of Ottawa, has been named an IBA Scholar by the Poverty and Social Development Committee of the International Bar Association. In a keenly contested essay competition at the International Bar Association. Christiana's piece, titled Poverty and Immigration: How Lawyers Help Make Dreams Come True, caught the attention of the scholarship committee, earning her the honour of becoming one of the 2023 IBA young scholars at the conference.

Her piece explores the crucial role that legal professionals play in advocating for and supporting individuals affected by poverty and immigration challenges, a topic of immense relevance in today's rapidly changing global landscape. Her expose on the topic of her piece is closely linked with the notion of vulnerability, which she explored in-depth as a Research Coordinator on the Canadian Arm of the Vulner Research Project (a multi-site project) led by Professor Delphine Nakache of the Common Law in French at the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa.