From our well-recognized research centres and institutes, and cutting-edge research laboratories, to our Entrepreneurship Hub, we support innovation in Kanata North, the Ottawa community and beyond.
uOttawa x Ciena

uOttawa x Ciena

Driving impact in Canada’s largest tech park: uOttawa and Ciena’s collaboration in developing AI technologies
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Smart Connected Vehicles Innovation Centre

The Smart Connected Vehicles Innovation Centre (SCVIC) is the first academic research lab in the Kanata North Tech Park. It focuses on research related to the connectivity, sustainability and physical and cybersecurity of vehicles and networks. With over 15 industrial partners, the centre serves as a catalyst and nucleus for connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) innovation and tech development, providing cost-effective experimentation and testing plus collaboration space for industry and CAV ecosystem partners. 

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The TRAVERSAL (Training and Research in Autonomous Vehicles for Reliable Services in the Air and on Land) program will provide training to highly skilled professionals, including opportunities to complete internships with Kanata North companies in fields such as electrical engineering or computer science. This program is supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and will be launched out of the Smart Connected Vehicles Innovation Centre in Kanata North September 1, 2023.

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Entrepreneurship Hub

The eHub supports partners and provide resources, programs and networks to support students, researchers, professors, staff and alumni at any point in the entrepreneurial journey. It aims to shape an entrepreneurial mindset across uOttawa. The eHub has a significant presence in Kanata North through programming such as the Experience Ventures program.

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Located right out of Kanata North, uOttaHack is the largest Ottawa-based hackathon in the last half decade and attracts companies from cutting-edge start-ups to top employeers in North America. If you're searching for an internship or have an idea that you wanted to bring to life, uOttaHack is the place to do it.

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Startup successes

Explore the growing number of startups the eHub has supported, many of which have continued to expand in the Ottawa region.
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Alacrity Ottawa

Alacrity Ottawa was added to the uOttawa entrepreneurial ecosystem by uOttawa Kanata North in 2021. In partnership with L-SPARK and our  Faculty of Engineering, this program offers aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to combine a graduate degree in engineering design, hands-on job experience and mentoring from industry specialists in Kanata North.

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