The University of Ottawa and the members of the Réseau International des Chaires Senghor de la Francophonie renew their commitment to strong and equitable Francophone scientific diplomacy

Members of the Chaires Senghor network group at the University of Ottawa for the scientific conference on Science in French: Challenges, Dissemination, Collaborations and Commitments.
The University of Ottawa is proud to announce its commitments to the Réseau international des Chaires Senghor de la Francophonie

The Réseau international des Chaires Senghor de la Francophonie is a network of teacher-researchers from a wide variety of backgrounds whose common interests are the French language and the study of Francophonies. These scholars collaborate, cooperate, and partner to promote teaching and research in French in their respective fields.

The 2022 Ottawa conference aims to promote in-depth reflection and to implement concrete measures for the network’s university members in four major areas affecting the future of science in French, specifically: 

  • To reinvigorate scientific publication in French;
  • To increase research on the Francophonie in general and Francophonies, in all the relevant disciplines;
  • To increase the Francophonie as well as its presence in public scientific forums, particularly on internet, as well as the role played by scientific events and research networks in French;
  • To create productive and socially equitable scientific exchanges in Francophone environments. 

With the aim to continue these efforts and to implement the proposed solutions, we, as Senghor chairholders, commit to: 

  • a) Establishing mutual, equitable partnerships in solidarity with the network’s university members to assist in promoting science in French in universities in both the Global North and Global South.
  • b) Creating specific projects or “inter-chair” programs between several Senghor chairholders in order to reinforce local collaboration and cooperation within our network, thus maintaining solidarity between the chairholders;
  • c) Actively promoting chairholder collaboration and mobility, and facilitating research exchanges for students who work within the respective chairs; 
  • d) Encouraging master’s, doctorate, and post-doctorate student mobility, as well as cotutelle, double degree, and exchange programs between in-network universities that are members of the Réseau international des Chaires Senghor de la Francophonie.

To this end, and directly in keeping with the Ottawa Declaration on the Senghor Chairs, the University of Ottawa is proud to announce it commits as of today to:

  • a) Maintaining and strengthening its international Francophone mobility programs for its students who wish to study abroad;
  • b) Continuing to provide its support, through various programs, to international students who enroll in graduate programs delivered in French;
  • c) Renewing its support for the Collège des chaires de recherche sur le monde francophone (uOttawa’s own network of Francophone chairs) and diversifying it by increasing the number of “Francophone mobility” chairs.

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