Mitacs Business Strategy Internship Program (BSI)

In partnership with Canadian business schools, Mitacs is launching the Business Strategy Internship (BSI) program.

BSI is a 16-week full-time internship program that will provide undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to develop a strategic project in partnership with a company or not-for-profit (NFP) in Canada. The award will provide $10,000 to interested students who develop a project designed to help the organization restore or modify business operations in the new COVID-19 pandemic environment. Throughout the project, Mitacs provides online professional development opportunities to students.


  • 16-week project addressing one or more business strategy components (i.e., marketing, operations, etc.) dependent on the needs of the organization.
  • Partner organizations will contribute $5,000 along with Mitacs contribution of $5,000 for a total award of $10,000.
  • Each project will require oversight from a supervisor at the partner organization and an academic supervisor or a point person from the University of Ottawa to oversee the work and acquire regular check-ins.
  • Projects will be submitted to the academic institution and reviewed and approved by the institution prior to submission to Mitacs.
  • The approved projects will be reviewed by Mitacs to confirm eligibility and completeness.
  • Students are expected to meet weekly with their supervisors to report on the progress of their project. Virtual meetings are acceptable.
  • Both students and supervisors will be required to complete a Mitacs exit survey at the end of the project to report on the skills developed and provide feedback on their program experience. Students will also submit a short Final Report to Mitacs summarizing the work that was completed.

Program objectives

The opportunity

The breadth of opportunity for your students is wide-ranging. Innovation projects should focus on activities that lead to change and improvements for the partner — a business or a not-for-profit organization — or society, such as but not limited to:

  • the design and implementation of improvements/efficiencies in products, processes, or service delivery
  • the design of new business models
  • the development of methods for overcoming barriers to market entry
  • challenging conventional ideas and established practices

The benefits

  • Provide new and broadened training and career opportunities for students by expanding their network with faculty, businesses, and community
  • Access to funding support for your students
  • Expand your networks, leading to potential consulting/research opportunities
  • Gain market intel to enhance your research projects
  • Strengthen academic/industry innovation ecosystem
  • Attract high-calibre students to your programs/discipline