New collaboration agreement with the Centre de Recherche en Gestion des Organisations (CREGO)

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Centre on Governance
Logo of the Centre with the letters CREGO
A new collaboration with CREGO, located in Dijon, France

During the participation of a delegation from the Centre on Governance (COG) at the L'Association Internationale de Recherche en Management Public (AIRMAP) colloquium in May 2023, the CEG and the Centre de Recherche en Gestion des Organisations (CREGO) of Dijon, France, took the opportunity to ratify a collaboration agreement between the two research centers.

Founded in 2014, the CREGO is an inter-regional, multi-site research unit whose work falls within the discipline of management science and management. With triple university supervision, the unit brings together teacher-researchers and doctoral students attached to Universities of Bourgogne, Franche-Comté and Haute-Alsace. CREGO has 160 members, including 76 permanent professors, and 51 doctoral students. The CREGO includes a Public Management research group (MAP) whose work and publications focus on public issues (public governance, public management control, etc.). Recognized on the national and international scenes, this group organizes major conferences such as the 12th Colloque AIRMAP and the 10th Colloque des Entretiens de l'Innovation Territoriale.

The main aim of the collaboration agreement is to set up a joint research program between CREGO and CEG in the fields of public management and governance. The aim of this program is to provide a forum for reflection and action on issues related to the management, governance and steering of public organizations. Research fields will be mainly located in Canada and France.