New Issue of Culture and Local Governance Journal

Centre on Governance
Centre on Governance
Faculty of Social Sciences
The new Volume 8, No.1 (2023) is now published! It is a special edition and celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Culture and Local Governance journal.

Editorial Introduction15th Anniversary of Culture and Local Governance! By Christopher Gunter; Julie Bérubé

Intro to special issueHow We Work With/in Culture Now By Mary Elizabeth Luka, Robin Nelson, Shawn Newman, and Robin Sokoloski

Participatory Governance and Community-Based Research at Mass Culture By Laurence D. Dubuc

Creativity in climate adaptationConceptualizing the role of arts organizations By Emma Bugg, Tarah Wright, and Melanie Zurba

Imagining a Post-Pandemic Reality through an Arts-based Methodological Framework By Hayley Janes, Adrian Berry, Ely Lyonblum, Laura Risk, and Nasim Niknafs

Artists Embedded in Government: Expanding the Cultural Policy Toolkit By Johanna K. Taylor

Happy Accidents and Bureaucratic Debacles: New Ways of Working Towards Impact By Mary Elizabeth Luka, and Caroline Klimek

Benefit as a Standard Unit of Measure for Arts Organizations: A Conceptual Analysis By Kate Keeney, and Constance DeVereaux

You can read the full issue here.