Teresa Scassa shortlisted for the PICCASO Awards

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Teresa Scassa
In recognition her exceptional thought leadership in Canadian information law and policy, Dr. Teresa Scassa has been nominated for the PICCASO Canada Award as Privacy Leader in Academia / Thought Leader.

Dr. Teresa Scassa has been short listed for the PICCASO Awards Canada, the first of their kind in North America, celebrate excellence in Canadian data, privacy, and information security thought leadership, policy, and practice. Nominated in the category of “Privacy Leader in Academia / Thought Leader”, she is being recognized as a thought leader/academic who is exploring the new and challenging issues in data and privacy, and pushing the boundaries of understanding, application, and compliance to mature and evolve best in class privacy practice.

Dr. Teresa Scassa is the Canada Research Chair in Information Law and Policy at the University of Ottawa and a Faculty member of the Centre for Law, Technology and Society.  Her illustrious career spans interdisciplinary research exploring the intricate relationship between law and technology. As a leading authority in intellectual property and privacy law, her work has made significant strides in shaping the legal landscape surrounding artificial intelligence, data governance, and data privacy.

As the PICCASO Awards Canada recognize excellence and innovation in data protection and privacy, Dr. Teresa Scassa's nomination stands as a testament to her profound impact on Canadian legal scholarship and policy development in an increasingly digitized world.

The winners will be announced at the inaugural PICCASO Awards gala event on June 11th.

Our warmest congratulations to Dr. Teresa Scassa !