Our team primarily manages research infrastructure projects funded by Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) programs.


This infrastructure includes state-of-the-art equipment, laboratories, databases, specimens, scientific collections, computers and software, communication links and facilities needed to conduct cutting-edge research.

The CFI will typically provide funding for up to 40% of eligible costs for infrastructure projects. The institution or its eligible partners are responsible for providing the remaining funding. As up to 40% of these funds may come from the public sector, the institution must also apply to the Ontario Research Fund. The remaining 20% of the funds come from in-kind donations from equipment suppliers and cash donations from the institution.

Projects funded by the John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF) and the Innovation Fund generally generate an envelope of 30% of the amount approved by the CFI. The Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF) is intended to cover a portion of the costs of operating and maintaining the funded research infrastructure, ensuring optimal use. For more information on the IOF, see the University of Ottawa Statement on Operations & Maintenance of Research Infrastructure Supported by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (PDF, 148 KB).

If you have any questions about CFI programs, feel free to contact us.

John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF)

The John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF) is designed to help institutions attract and retain the very best of today’s and tomorrow’s researchers in an era of intense international competition. Universities may apply to the CFI for funding up to a maximum of $800,000, with a maximum eligible cost of $2 million.

Three rounds of funding are launched each year (deadlines: February 15, June 15 and October 15). An internal submission and review process allows the University of Ottawa to submit robust and relevant proposals for research projects directly related to its strategic directions.

In addition to the JELF's unaffiliated funding stream, there are also four partnership streams established under the Canada Research Chairs (CRC), Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERC), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) programs.

Innovation Fund

The CFI is making sustained investments in research infrastructure — from the most basic to the most applied — as well as in technology development. The Innovation Fund fosters global leadership by supporting world-class research and technology development activities. Research infrastructure projects should also be sufficiently mature and have great potential for transformative impact.

Competitions are launched at regular 24 to 30 month intervals, allowing institutions to plan strategically and propose solid projects, while continuing to develop promising ones for future competitions. The CFI only accepts proposals with a total cost of more than $1 million. Competitions are announced several months in advance by the SDI Office. For information on the current competition, see the “Resources” section.

Major Science Initiatives Fund

The Major Science Initiatives Fund contributes to the ongoing operation and maintenance of nationally significant research facilities and ensures that they use appropriate governance and management policies and practices.

This program provides funding to facilities for a period of six years, allowing them to extend their planning horizon and providing them with increased stability to help retain highly qualified staff.

The 2023 competition was launched in 2021. Our team will announce the dates of the next competition to the research community.

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