Fall 2020 U-Pass Program Update

Since most courses are delivered virtually for the fall 2020 term, only full-time students taking at least one in-person course will automatically be charged for the mandatory U-Pass program.

If you are taking all your courses virtually but still want to obtain a U-Pass for the fall and that you meet at least one eligibility criteria, you can submit an opt-in application in uoZone

Exemption criteria have not been modified.

What is the U-Pass program?

The U-Pass is a mandatory bus pass program for all graduate and undergraduate students who are registered full-time at the University of Ottawa. The U-Pass has come into effect through SFUO (now UOSU) and GSAED referendums and through collaboration with OC Transpo and STO.

The U-Pass is a compulsory fee for all eligible students.

How to recharge your U-Pass

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