Asset management team

Asset Management, Planning and Real Estate Development

Our sector provides a full range of planning services, from campus-development projects to designing your workspace.

About the team

Our sector provides a full range of asset management and planning services from large scale academic/commercial development projects, to large scale technical studies, as well as designing a variety of institutional spaces. We are the centre of expertise for the planning of all projects on campus, as well as the subject matter experts for mechanical and electrical engineering, architecture and interior design, design reviews and energy modelling. Our team is also accountable and responsible for the sustainability/resiliency of built/non-built campus infrastructure. Our skilled team of professionals strive to ensure that the University's physical resources meet the needs of the campus community. 

Meet the team

Geoffrey Frigon

Senior Director - Asset Management, Planning and Real Estate 

Asset Management

Michael Sparling

Director, Assets Management

Michael and team are responsible for the Lifecycle management of existing and projected infrastructure on campus. This includes utility master plan development, asset condition assessments, risk management, and short/medium/long term capital renewal strategies. This group is the technical centre of expertise for all uOttawa’s built assets.

Shahrokh Farzam

Senior Manager – Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Shahrokh and team are responsible for all mechanical and electrical design reviews, planning, operational modifications, energy modeling, technical expertise during construction, and all aspects of commissioning for all campus infrastructure.

Charles Azar

Subject Matter Expert – Architecture

Charles and team are the technical experts during construction. They are also responsible for Architecture, Building Code & Technical Expertise, Interior Design & Furniture Signage, and Room numbering & Way Finding.

Planning and Sustainability

George Zigoumis

Planning and Sustainability

George and team lead the overall design and conceptualization of all campus projects. They are experts on projected grounds projects which consist of classrooms, laboratories, outdoor spaces, land development, functional programming, user requirements, and urban design. Additionally, the team is accountable for the sustainability and resiliency of the built footprint.

Real Estate and Development

Lynn Villeneuve

Commercial Leasing and Development

Lynn is our expert for all real estate activities at the University of Ottawa. She is responsible for acquisition and disposition of properties, land development, and commercial leasing.

Sector responsibilities

  • Fine-tuning the University Master Plan
  • Helping design functional spaces for faculties, services and staff
  • Planning for new buildings, major building renovations and space allocations
  • Updating and maintain construction plans and records
  • Consulting with external community members to discuss the impacts of campus construction
  • Health and Safety