A large-scale construction project

Projects and construction

We are proud to provide the facilities and infrastructures services necessary for the University of Ottawa to achieve its academic and research objectives. The map and lists below provide an overview of some of the more visible current projects being undertaken by Facilities as we strive to provide a vibrant environment for the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

About our major projects

The University of Ottawa is moving closer to achieving the Transformation 2030 goals with a series of major capital projects that will deliver best in class infrastructures, reshape campus life, and provide sustainable environments to the University of Ottawa's community. These major capital projects will allow the University to distinguish itself as a top-tier research university in Canada and enable current and future generations of researchers, educators, and students to thrive.

Summer construction

To help make the campus more accessible, we’ll be updating several stairlifts and reworking certain sidewalks.

Expect asphalt, concrete, tile, sidewalk, and curb repairs in a few different areas this summer. Some of the repairs will require minor, temporary detours, but in the end they’ll make the campus more accessible and safer to navigate.

With most of the campus community away for a few months, it’s the ideal time to double down on general maintenance and repairs in areas that are usually really busy. Expect to see construction around Morisset and the residences as well as temporary closures of the Montpetit pool (May 12-27) and gyms (May 9-30).

To help the campus “get ready for rail”, we’ll be connecting paths from Colonel By and STEM to uOttawa Station’s multi-use pathway and modifying the exit stairs at the southwest corner of Marion as well. Meanwhile, the City will be working to wrap up construction on the station by the end of fall.