Language Services provides French and English language support to staff for University official communications. 
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We create a version of your document in the other official language.
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We look at grammar, spelling, style and readability — recommended for all new documents.
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We look for errors and typos — usually on a document already edited — as a final check.


Before you access the new portal, you will need to clear you browser’s history, including cookies and cached images and files.

High visibility documents for the University or broader community. Examples include:  

  • Press releases  
  • Group emails  
  • Social media posts   
  • Program and enrolment brochures and websites  
  • Policies and guides  
  • Reports  
  • High-traffic web pages  

Please note that documents used for research, teaching material or individual employee files are not considered official communications.   

Not sure if your document qualifies? Email us.  

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Please allow at least two business days for a 1,000-word translation or 3,000-word edit.
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Language Services

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