If you write, edit or translate on behalf of the University of Ottawa, this guide is for you.

We say guide for good reason: our goal is to help our colleagues through the maze of language and usage issues typical of large organizations like ours. This reference work is also designed to help you help us improve the consistency and coherence of University documents and web pages. The content is generally specific to the uOttawa setting, and we hope it will make your job easier.  

Of course, the guide serves to complement well-established works on grammar and usage, not replace them altogether. In fact, many of our recommendations are based on these works, which we use day in and day out at Language Services. We intend to expand the guide over time, and you can contribute by sending us your style, grammar and usage questions. In the meantime, be sure to come back often so you can keep track of new entries as they make their way onto the menu! .