The Emergency Management Program follows a framework based on the 5 pillars of emergency management: Prevention, Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery. It consists of risk identification, the development of emergency plans, effective communications and timely notification, awareness initiatives and response training, and many other activities to build a more resilient uOttawa.

Emergency management at uOttawa

uOttawa may face various types and magnitudes of emergencies that can adversely impact the University community and its activities. Plans and contingencies at the individual, unit and organizational level must be well established and practiced to protect the University, its people and its assets. The Emergency Management team provides support and subject-matter expertise to the University community and its academic, research and operational units in their planning and response efforts.  

The Emergency Management Program 5 pillars: The Prevention, Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.

Crisis management structure 

uOttawa’s Crisis Management Structure is the central framework to effectively manage University emergencies and significant disruptions. When activated, it temporarily supersedes the normal internal governance and management structure with response duties and activities having priority over other regular duties and planned University activities.   

Visualization of the crisis management structure.

What we offer

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Emergency Preparedness Basics Training

Coming soon.

Custom group training

Contact the Emergency Management team to request an emergency preparedness training for your university community group or your academic, research or operational unit. 

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Unit Specific Planning 

Accessibility and Emergency Preparedness

The Emergency Management team can assist community members with mobility, sensory, or other non-visible disabilities to develop a personal emergency plan. These plans are based on one's unique or individual needs and can include special accommodations.   

More information

Visit the Are you ready? website to learn about how you can personally prepare for emergencies. Be sure to download the SecurUO app and familiarize yourself with the campus’ emergency procedures.