General safety procedures

5.1 - Learning outcomes

  • Describe the general procedures for the safe, use, storage, handling and disposal of hazardous products

5.2 - Storage and handling

Hazardous products have characteristics that require precautions be taken before working with them. The product SDS is the key to understanding a given product’s characteristics:

  • Storage: What products are incompatible with the product being stored? Under what conditions can it be stored with other products?
  • Handling: Is there any personal protective equipment that you must wear when working with the product? What hazard controls are required when working with this product?

Hazardous products in the same class will behave similarly; however, they do not all behave identically. Incompatibilities will be stronger or weaker, hazard levels will be higher or lower, and working procedures may differ greatly.

For example, household bleach (5% hypochlorite) and sulphuric acid are corrosive, but these two products are also incompatible. They will react together to release chlorine gas, which is toxic.