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Health, Safety and Environmental Management

The Office of the Chief Risk Officer is committed to promoting a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible workplace for University staff, faculty, students and visitors, while supporting our institution's teaching and research mission.
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University Occupational Health and Safety Strategy

Our strategy reflects our commitment to creating and sustaining an environment that nurtures intellectual curiosity and excellence while safeguarding the health and well-being of all individuals within our community.
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Our role

The Office of the Chief Risk Officer oversees University-wide risk, health and safety, and environmental programs that ensure compliance with regulatory and other requirements. Key functions in managing health and safety at the University of Ottawa include:

  • designing, implementing and maintaining health and safety and environmental programs, policies and procedures
  • providing advisory services to the University community on health and safety, environmental planning, radiation, laser and biological safety, and risk management
  • acting as University liaison with regulatory agencies and other related organizations
  • fostering a culture of safety through training and awareness programs and
  • coordinating hazardous waste services across our campuses.


A satirical holiday classic review
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A satirical holiday classic review

What we learned about safety watching Home Alone

A holiday classic (directed by the late John Hughes), Home Alone also contains some helpful lessons on safety. The Occupational Health and Safety Team wishes you happy holidays with another satirical movie review. Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!
10 Times that Star Wars Breached the OHSA
10 Times that Star Wars Breached the OHSA

May the fourth be with you!

The legendary series that spans generations, and even spawned its own day on the calendar, is embedded in the folklore of a galaxy far, far away. But when fiction crosses over into reality, the consequences can be all too real. So let’s take a (satirical) look at the series.

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