Part of operating an institution like the University includes environmental sampling and monitoring as well as sustainable development. The University has monitoring programs for a variety of environmental issues.

Environmental Management Resources

Ministry of Environment

  • Environmental Compliance Approvals regulating emissions to air, water and soil. Fume hood exhausts, emergency generators, power plant emissions, and certain equipment require these certificates;

  • Air emissions monitoring Reg. 127 requirements.
  • Hazardous waste disposal; and
  • Inventories of various substances such as asbestos and equipment of environmental concern.

Environment Canada and Federal Agencies

City of Ottawa

  • Sewer Use By-Law that the University must follow. Sewer effluent samples are taken at regular intervals and analysed for inorganic, organic, and biological activity parameters.

  • Noise By-Law that the University must follow.

Any new building or major renovation project requires a designated substance assessment. The purchase of new land requires completing a Phase I Environmental Assessment followed by Phase II and III work if contamination is found.


Expert advice

Our people

The Environmental Management Team has been offering expertise in a variety of projects and faculties to create value for the University of Ottawa community and assist different internal stakeholders in obtaining environmental compliance. We are committed to working collaboratively with the University Community to find innovative solutions that meet our regulatory and social responsibility as a Canadian University.

Pascal Simard 

Assistant Director
[email protected]

Area of expertise

  • Planning, Construction & Renovations Projects.
  • Permits, Authorisation and Registrations
  • International Security Plans
  • Contaminated Sites 

Isabelle Marineau

Senior Specialist, Environmental Risk Management
[email protected]

Area of expertise

  • Hazardous Materials technical services
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Spill Response & Spill Kits
  • Waste Water Management and Compliance

Michelle Brazeau

Senior Specialist, Environmental Risk Management
[email protected]

Area of expertise

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Sewer Compliance and Investigations
  • Storm Sewer Management

Past projects

  • Collaboration with laboratories in the investigation of sewer discharges resulting from laboratory processes
  • Collaboration with University Professors regarding course activities 
  • Environmental Site Assessments for University property transactions 
  • Collaboration with Facilities for study into Snow Melter discharges  

Need advice or interested in collaborating?

If you have any questions, concerns or require guidance on a particular area of environmental compliance please contact us at [email protected]