The University is committed to taking all necessary steps to ensure that the use, collection, handling, storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous materials and hazardous waste generated during daily operations is conducted in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner.

If this is an emergency, call protection services at 613-562-5411 or by dialing extension

The University has an emergency management plan in place to address any potential hazardous material incidents or spills at the University. All spills are reported to Protection Services by calling 613-562-5411 or by dialing extension 5411 from a landline. Small-scale spills with limited to no health hazards are generally cleaned up by lab personnel using spill kits that include absorbent materials and other safety equipment. If it is determined that the spill is beyond our immediate emergency response capabilities, protection services will dispatch a specialized emergency response contractor to assess the situation and coordinate the cleanup in collaboration with the Office of the Chief Risk Officer.