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About us

Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, and often without warning. Keeping our campus safe is a shared responsibility and ensuring we are all as prepared as possible can make a difference.  The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) assists our community members and academic, research and operational units in preparing to respond to and recover from emergencies. 

Supported by Policy 125 – Emergency Management and Business Continuity and by way of planning, exercising and awareness, the OEM fulfills its mandate by directing the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) and through the administration of its 3 programs: 

  • Emergency Management Program 
  • Business Continuity Program 
  • Fire Safety Program 
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“To prepare the University for emergencies and significant disruptions, and to maximize its resilience to help ensure its academic and research missions are realized.”

Office of Emergency Management

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Office of Emergency Management

141 Louis-Pasteur  
[email protected] 

Our team

Senior Manager, OEM   
Dana Fleming 
[email protected]  

Senior Specialist, Emergency Management   
Pierre Gagnon 
[email protected] 

Senior Specialist,  Business Continuity

Intermediate Specialist, Fire Safety  
Richard Sincennes 
[email protected]  

Lead Coordinator, Emergency Management 
Jessica Laplante 
[email protected]