At the University of Ottawa, there exists a single joint occupational health and safety named the University Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (UJOHSC) which includes support from five Functional Occupational Health and Safety Committees (FOHSC).


The purpose and structure of the committees is set forth in the Terms of Reference (PDF, 1MB) with information relating to occupational health and safety available by consulting one of the nearly 40 campus-wide health and safety bulletin boards.

Committee members will also play a role in processes for:

  • Work refusal - all workers have the right to refuse work that they feel poses a danger to themselves or others. The process is outlined and is part of the terms of reference.
  • Work stoppage - a bi-lateral work stoppage (PDF, 776KB) originates from a situation in which a certified member of the health and safety committee believes that "dangerous circumstances" exist.
  • Investigation of workplace incidents (PDF, 656KB).

Workers wanting to get involved with occupational health and safety committees are encouraged to do so by following these steps:

  • Express an interest to your direct supervisor.
  • Check the members list for vacancies.
  • Contact your union or association. Unions and associations appoint their members to each committee.
  • If you require assistance, contact the Office of Risk Management.

Management personnel wanting to get involved are invited to contact the Office of Risk Management.

member handbook (PDF, 504KB) is available for all members. Join a committee!