Here are a few IT resources to get you started.

uoZone is a student portal for accessing many online services and information. As an applicant, you will be able to track your admission file and upload any necessary documentation on uoZone from any web browser.

Your uoAccess credentials will be in your admission acknowledgement email. Once you have your credentials, safeguard your account by logging in and changing your temporary password. While you are considering uOttawa for your studies, these credentials are only for uoZone. Once you are enrolled as a uOttawa student, these credentials can be used for uoZone, email and a variety of online resources.

  1. In your web browser, navigate to the Current students webpage.
  2. Click the uoZone link
Actual students webpage screenshot

3.     On the Sign in screen, type your uoAccess ID, click Next.

Note: If you are logged into Microsoft services with any other account, you will have to log out before you can login to uoZone with your uoAccess credentials.

Uozone signing pge screenshot

4.     You will be redirected to a uOttawa Login screen. Enter your uoAccess ID and temporary password. Click Login.

uoaccess page screenshot

5.     You will be redirected to a Microsoft self-service password reset (SSPR) portal. This portal allows you to easily change and manage your password. Need help with SSPR? Check out the SSPR enrolment process video to:

  • Choose a method to recover your password (in case you forget it later). 
  • Change your password. Make sure to follow the password change criteria in the “Change your password” section.
Microsoft screenshot

We’d be happy to help! Contact the Service Desk.