Hartley Stern
Hartley Stern


I have through design, hard work, and good fortune held significant health care leadership positions over a 30 year period in Universities, Cancer Systems, and Hospital Systems, in Ontario and Quebec, and most recently in the Canadian Medical Liability System (CMPA). I have forged strong relationships with governments in most provinces but most significantly in Quebec while CEO of the Jewish General Hospital and with Provincial  Ministries of Health and Regulators to improve the safety and quality of care in the majority of Canadian jurisdictions whilst CEO of the CMPA.

I have driven major improvements in quality and safety using (but not limited to): compelling articulation of vision and strategy; major refinements in data acquisition and analysis; and innovative partnerships. I stood up a new subsidiary for the CMPA (Saegis) which has allowed far greater diversity of products and services to Canada’s 100,000 physicians. This included notably a linkage to Surgical Safety Technologies (SST) an Artificial Intelligence based company in Toronto revolutionizing the safety of Surgical operations. I contributed to improvements in the safety of Obstetrical care in Canada through an investment in Salus Global, partnering with HIROC and the Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Canada.

I have also led major capital fundraising initiatives and capital development projects including a $150 million new Cancer centre in Ottawa, I led the development and implementation of a $400M hospital critical care tower in Montreal, completed on budget, predominantly funded by the Quebec Government. I managed $5B in assets and a $700M operating budget at the CMPA and oversaw a financial turnaround of a deficit on my arrival in 2013 of $350M to a 2019 year -end balance of $1.2B.

In March 2020 I joined the Board of the currently most exciting and innovative Virtual Care company in Canada, Equinoxe, which has been able to fill major health care needs in Canada during the Covid-19 crisis.  The company’s extraordinary success led to a very fruitful merge with Telus Health in December 2020.

I am currently working as a senior Advisor with an elite boutique Strategic Planning firm, Pulvermacher Kennedy and Associates  on a variety of exciting, health care projects.
In addition to my long -term commitments to assisting the Jewish community of Ottawa and Cancer fundraising in Ottawa, I am excited to have recently joined the Board of the Canadian Paralympic Committee Foundation to assist with its important fundraising mission. In February 2021 I was appointed to the Board of Canadian Personalized Healthcare Innovation Network (CPHIN) which I expect to make a serious contribution to assisting Canadians in gaining improved access to biotherapeutics through the persistent and comprehensive aggregation of Canadian research data.