Jessica Tchida
Jessica Tchida
Undergraduate Student


Jessica Tchida is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying towards a BSc in Psychology with a minor in Aging Studies.

Throughout her time at the University of Ottawa, Jessica has dedicated herself to student life and wellness. This is shown through her work with Housing Services over the past three years as a Community Advisor and Team Lead, where she has provided mental health support for students and staff in residence, and hosted various workshops & events aimed to improve wellness during both virtual and in-person settings. Jessica also presented in-person on Social Sustainability in Residences at the University of Guelph’s Residence Life Conference.

In addition, Jessica has represented students in psychology via her volunteering with the Psychology Students’ Association for the past two years, where she has held the roles of both President and Vice President of Financial Affairs; and worked closely alongside the Faculty of Social Sciences on student engagement and the undergraduate Student Union on issues facing students.

Beyond this, Jessica has also worked with the Faculty of Engineering’s Outreach programs, where she provided tech-based workshops to community homes and partners in Ottawa, Gatineau, and surrounding areas.

Academically, Jessica is a member of the University of Ottawa’s NISE (NeuroImmunology, Stress, and Endocrinology) laboratory, where she is currently researching the connections between the gut-brain axis and its implications on mental health symptoms. She has also co-presented virtually on University of Ottawa student resources with the Interdisciplinary Conference in Psychology.

Prior to moving to Ottawa, Jessica worked and volunteered in aquatics, specifically geared towards lifeguarding skills and adapted swim education for children with disabilities.

During her mandate, Jessica aims to maintain open communication with students. If you would like to connect with her, please reach out via Instagram at Jessica.uO.Governors or email at [email protected].