Chancellor Nomination Form

The University of Ottawa has initiated a selection process to choose a new chancellor who will succeed Calin Rovinescu. The University’s Board of Governors is responsible for naming the new chancellor, with the approval  of the University’s Senate. A selection committee has been established to choose the new chancellor.

 Calin Rovinescu, who was appointed chancellor in November 2015, will continue to serve until the end of his term on November 8th, 2022, when the new chancellor will take office.

The chancellor is the titular head of the University, and as such, presides over convocation ceremonies, confers degrees, is Governor Emeritus on  the Board of Governors and ex officio member of the University Senate. The chancellor also represents the University at major events, both on campus and elsewhere, including at commemorative ceremonies, welcoming activities, awards ceremonies and other University functions, such as special guest lectures and visits by dignitaries. 

The University would like a representative who is interested in the quality of the university experience and supportive of it. The incumbent, who must  be fully bilingual, is usually a prominent member of the general community whose appointment will strengthen the  prestige  the University both nationally and internationally.

To identify  candidates, a broad consultation of the University community (students, professors, staff, alumni) and of others interested in the future of our university has begun.

Please fill out the fields below and click “Submit” to nominate a candidate for the position of Chancellor of the University of Ottawa.

Please submit your nomination before March 24, 2022.

The Office of the Secretary General of the University will collect the nominations and submit them to the selection committee. Candidates will be considered on the basis of the selection criteria. All of the information submitted will be treated in the strictest confidence. The name of the new chancellor will be announced once the nomination is approved by the Board of Governors.    

Thank you for your important contribution to this process.


Essential Qualifications for the Position of Chancellor of the University of Ottawa

Procedure for Selecting the Chancellor of the University of Ottawa

Selection Committee

Current chancellor: Calin Rovinescu

Past Chancellors of the University