COP28 United Nations Climate Conference

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COP28 United Nations Climate Conference

Members of the media may directly contact the following experts; Professors Hubert Ta and Wallet Mohamed Aboubakrine who will be on-site at Cop28 in Dubai.


Lynda Hubert Ta (English and French)

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law - Civil Law Section

[email protected]

Professor Hubert-Ta can discuss the increasingly important place companies - particularly the biggest polluters - are playing in climate negotiations in a bid to be part of an energy transition solution. She can also discuss the issues these discussion raise, including general ambition in the global climate fight. 

Her general expertise includes:

  • corporate law
  • corporate social responsibility
  • environmental law
  • natural resources law

"COP 28, which will take place in Dubai, will be chaired by the head of the national oil company Adnoc and will bring together many companies to discuss strategies to abandon fossil fuels. You can expect important observations and reflections on these issues."


Mariam Wallet Mohamed Aboubakrine (English and French)

Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law - Civil Law Section, and co-PI the Arramat Project.

[email protected]

Professor Wallet Mohamed Aboubakrine's expertise covers the rights of Indigenous Peoples, and she recently taught the course "Indigenous Legal Orders and International Law" as part of the Certificate in Indigenous Law. Her research is interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary, focusing on indigenous knowledge, medicine and education, with a human rights approach at its core.

"At this COP 28, where the UNFCCC COP is dedicating a day to health (December 2) for the first time, I'm interested to understand how leaders and the global community intend to break down barriers in resolving health issues for humans, Mother Earth and other beings living on it. There is a draft of work on One Health, how far is this work progressing? How can we find a place in it for indigenous knowledge and its holders, who have always thought about and dealt with health for all in a holistic way?"


Thomas Burelli (English and French)

Associate Professor, Faculty of Law – Civil Law Section, and Co-Director of the Centre for Environmental Law and Global Sustainability at uOttawa.

[email protected]

Professor Burelli will follow COP28 remotely but can still respomd to questions concerning the Canadian delegation. (He has maintained a database of Canadian delegations since COP1).