uOttawa and City of Ottawa join forces to encourage student-civic collaboration with launch of CityStudio Ottawa

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By Paul Logothetis

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The University of Ottawa's Community Engagement and Employability Team and Faculty of Medicine join City of Ottawa in initiative to improve citizen health and well-being in the nation’s capital.

The University of Ottawa’s Community Engagement and Employability Team and the Faculty of Medicine has partnered with the City of Ottawa  to launch CityStudio Ottawa, a transformative global community-campus initiative to implement more inclusive, sustainable and healthier cities.  The official launch will take place on Monday, November 7 (details below).

Ottawa becomes CityStudio’s 15th global partner, joining Montreal, Vancouver, and London in the Canadian family. Aligning with the University’s 2030 strategic goals, CityStudio aims to highlight experiential learning opportunities to students and encourage professors and faculty members participation.

City staff develop project ideas aligned with the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan’s priorities that are matched with expertise at uOttawa. Students co-create solutions with city staff, faculty, and community members with projects exhibited at HUBBUB, a celebratory showcase for all stakeholders to share in the process of building a thriving Ottawa.

Students gain real-world experience while bringing creativity and diversity in collaborating with city officials on projects. Initiatives in other cities have aided victims of domestic abuse (London) and supported local restaurants’ recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic (Vancouver).

Key focus will be dedicated to societal issues such as discrimination, marginalization, and racism; housing; financial security and poverty reduction; gender-based violence and violence against women; integrated and simpler systems; and mental well-being.  

Students at uOttawa are already engaged in CityStudio Ottawa projects. Some examples include:

  • Program evaluation of the Mental Health Response Team pilot with the Ottawa Paramedic Service
  • Gap and opportunity analysis of business and mentorship programs for low income and racialized youth
  • Program evaluation and knowledge translation support for community partners

“CityStudio Ottawa will be a transformative foundation for uniting the priorities of the community, the expertise of faculty, and the creativity of students. We are thrilled to be part of this global approach to building a more inclusive, sustainable, and healthier city for all,” says Dr. Claire Kendall, Associate Dean of Social Accountability at the Faculty of Medicine, who is leading the cross-faculty, interdisciplinary team of uOttawa investigators that received $1 million in funding to study community-campus engagement.

Sarah Taylor, Director of Community Safety, Well-Being, Policy, and Analytics at the City of Ottawa adds: “We are excited to partner with the University of Ottawa on this innovative framework. Meeting the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan’s ambitious goals requires a collective effort and cross-sector collaborations such as CityStudio. Residents, students, business, and community organizations all play a key role in tackling social challenges and advancing the well-being of the city.”  

CityStudio Ottawa Launch Details
WHAT: CityStudio Ottawa Virtual Launch
WHEN: Monday, November 7, 2022, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
HOW: Register here

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