2022 Years of Service

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Congratulations to our colleagues that were commended on their years of hard work and diligence to the University.

Information Technology celebrates and honours the outstanding achievements of these individuals. Thank you for your exceptional contributions throughout all these years.

40 years of service

  • Marc Alary, Information Technology Manager 

30 years of service 

  • Alex Dipietro, Information Technology Manager 
  • Paul Mercier, Information Technology Manager 
  • Paul Tondreau, Computing Analyst 

25 years of service 

  • Jean-François Billette, Senior Systems Analyst
  • Richard Boudria, Senior Programmer Analyst 
  • André Legault, System Analyst 
  • Martine Mineault, Administrative Assistant 
  • Lyra Trstenjak, Information Technology Manager 

20 years of service 

  • Jean-Ray Arseneau, Senior Director of IT Services and Infrastructure 
  • Yannick Charbonneau, Information Technology Manager 
  • Nathalie Vaillancourt, Business Analyst 

15 years of service 

  • Hélène Harris, Technical Design Lead
  • Henryk Leminski, Quality Assurance Analyst 
  • Francine Ménard, Financial Officer 
  • Cynthia Soto Cancino, Executive Assistant 
  • Jean-Philippe Souliere-Tessier, Systems Analyst 
  • Jean-Luc Vermette-Castonguay, Senior Computer Analyst 

10 years of service 

  • Nanette D'Entremont, Quality Assurance Analyst 
  • Jennifer Lambert, Information Technology Manager 
  • Jean Moisan, Systems Analyst