Device passwords are a thing of the past. Use your biometrics!

Information Technology
Imagine not having to remember a device password, or the convenience of logging in before you even sit down. Entering into your Windows laptop with facial recognition or your fingerprint is now a reality.

Did you know that most data breaches involve a compromised password? This is why uOttawa is enabling Windows Hello, for all Microsoft-enabled devices. This new Windows 10 feature will provide an extra layer of security on university-owned devices. 

What is Windows Hello? 

Windows Hello delivers a personal and secure authentication experience by using biometrics to ensure your laptop is only authenticated with your biometrics. No need to use a password to get into your Windows laptop. You can log into your laptop with a look, touch, or PIN. This feature provides a secure and personal experience to access your device. Only your unique features or PIN can be used to gain access to your machine.

Say goodbye to your password 

If you own a Windows device, getting started is easy. You will need to create a PIN when setting up your fingerprint or facial recognition sign-in. This PIN can also be used to login your machine. Check if your laptop is compatible with Windows Hello

If your laptop is compatible, you can now enable Windows Hello on your laptop.