Jean Lapointe named Health and Safety Leader of the Month for August 2023

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We are pleased to recognize Jean Lapointe, who is senior director of Project Management and Construction at Facilities, University of Ottawa, for his outstanding commitment to safety leadership within his construction team.

Jean Lapointe has consistently demonstrated an unwavering dedication to prioritizing health and safety during construction projects at the University of Ottawa. His influence is evident in his continuous support for integrating health and safety requirements into contractor management, developing a robust safety culture within his team and enhancing health and safety awareness across all facts of the project.

Jean’s proactive approach includes disseminating lessons learned and valuable insights from construction industry peers. A recent and poignant example of this occurred after Jean learned of a tragic incident in which a worker was struck and killed by a dump truck in Kanata in August 2023. In response, Jean delivered a profound message to his team: “We need to remind ourselves and everyone around us that health and safety are primordial in everything we do.”

construction worker wearing safety gear

“This is a reminder that investing a little time before performing work affords everyone the opportunity for a potentially invaluable payback.”

Jean Lapointe

— Senior Director, Project Management and Construction at Facilities

Jean urged his team to review two safety talks on measures to help prevent such an accident; one talk centered on heavy equipment awareness and the other highlighted the critical importance of wearing high visibility clothing.

We commend Jean Lapointe for his exemplary leadership in health and safety: he consistently sets an example for his team by reinforcing the fundamental principle that health and safety are non-negotiable priorities for all our construction projects at the University of Ottawa. His dedication not only enhances the well-being of our workers, but also underscores the University’s commitment to creating a safe and secure environment for all.