The release of police bodycam videos

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Memphis police will be releasing the bodycam video of the brutal attack of the police officers who arrested Tyre Nichols. Those same officers were charged yesterday with second degree murder. Earlier today another police service released the assault on Paul Pelosi,  husband of former U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Why do so?
In 2020 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he wanted police to wear body cameras to help overcome what he said was public distrust in the forces of law and order. Officers in Ottawa don't yet have them but the city approved a budget line item 
for their purchase. In Montreal, the SPVM has yet to install them on the uniforms of its officers.

Members of the media may directly contact the following experts:

Monnica Williams (French and English)

Associate Professor, School of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences, and Canada Research Chair in Mental Health Disparities. 

[email protected] 

Professor Williams studies African American mental health. She can speak to racism in the United States, African American issues, discrimination and mental health, barriers to treatment, trauma/PTSD, and allyship.

Irwin Waller (French and English)

Emeritus professor, Department of Criminology, Faculty of Social Sciences

[email protected] 

Irvin Waller is an author and university professor who is a prize winning champion of victim’s rights, collaborative policing, and violence prevention.