Review of uOttawa’s Cyber Security Awareness Month 2023

Information Technology
cyber security symbols overlayered a keyboard
The University of Ottawa took part in October’s International Cyber Security Awareness Month this year, marking its 20th anniversary since its creation in 2004.

On October 2, we launched our campaign, aligned with Cyber Security Ontario’s Halt the hack! campaign, on multiple platforms. The focus was to educate, prevent and protect. Tips, best practices, and resources were shared through weekly emails with staff, and published on the themed webpage, as well as on our LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. Numerous faculties and services shared our content on their social media accounts to extend the reach and increase the awareness level with as many members of the uOttawa community as possible.  

In addition, posters were displayed on Jock-Turcot University Centre’s digital screens and in some of the campuses’ email newsletters. In closing, a short quiz was shared with the uOttawa community on October 30 for them to anonymously test their cyber skills. 

Coincidentally, numerous cybersecurity initiatives were also deployed during this month to strengthen our online safety such as: 

  • Email throttling  
  • Phishing simulation campaign 

Cyber criminals have increased their capacity at discovering vulnerabilities namely with remote access to our information due to the increase in online activities, nationwide hackers, and artificial intelligence. This awareness campaign is vital for our cyber safety!