Trump's NATO Threats

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By Bernard Rizk

Media Relations Officer, uOttawa

Trump's NATO Threats
Academic experts available to provide context or comment on the following topic:

Trump's NATO Threats

Members of the media may directly contact:

Ferry De Kerckhove ( English, French, Spanish, Russian)


Senior fellow, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Faculty of Social Sciences.

[email protected]

Professor De Kerckhove can provide analysis of NATO’s Security Issues.

“Trump's statement must be taken seriously and could, if elected, pose the worst threat to the alliance's strategic stability and Europe's security.”

Errol Mendes ( English only)

Full Professor, Faculty of Law - Common Law Section

[email protected]

Professor Mendes can provide expertise on the NATO treaty.

“NATO is a multilateral treaty that can’t be changed by one party. In fact, just the threat that one of the parties would not fulfill its obligations on the basis of a self-proclaimed view of military contributions is a form of pre-emptory breach of the spirit f not the letter of the treaty. However, if the US did withdraw, it would mean the beginning of the end of the US led alliance that had guaranteed the safety of the free world.”


Benjamin Zyla (English and German)

Full Professor, School of International Development & Global Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences.

[email protected]

Professor Zyla’s research and writings sit at the intersection of global governance and peace & conflict studies. In particular, he is interested international peace operations, NATO, and questions related to Canada and the world.

“NATO burden sharing is more than the 2% benchmark.”