University of Ottawa President and Vice-Chancellor Jacques Frémont reacts to the news of Benoît Pelletier passing

Faculty of Law - Civil Law Section
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"The passing of the Benoît Pelletier, whose brilliance and determination has shaped the fields of law, government and constitutional affairs in Canada, is mourned with particular sadness by the University of Ottawa community."

"After joining the Civil Law Section at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law in 1990, Professor Pelletier’s enduring contributions to our University would span more than three decades and achieve both influence and recognition around the world. In 2022 he was bestowed the title of Distinguished University Professor in recognition of his exceptional record of teaching, mentorship and research into how the law may serve the betterment of Canada and its citizens.

Elected to the National Assembly in 1998 as the representative of Chapleau in Outaouais, Benoît Pelletier quickly rose to prominence as a central figure in the political life of his country and his province as Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs with additional portfolios including the Canadian Francophonie, Indigenous affairs and democratic institutions. His leadership in establishing the Council of the Federation, which continues to serve as a platform for the provinces to engage and negotiate with the federal government, demonstrates the thoughtful innovation that he brought to this pivotal role. Once he concluded his political career in 2008 and returned to the academic world he would continue to be called on to share his insights with decision-makers and vast audiences.

As fiercely engaged in the study of law as he was in his work as a lawmaker, Benoît Pelletier’s inimitable career ultimately transformed the spheres of public life he cherished so profoundly.

We share our condolences with his family as well as his friends and colleagues in our University community."

Jacques Frémont, University of Ottawa President and Vice-Chancellor 

Benoît Pelletier
Benoît Pelletier, Distinguished Professor, Faculty of Law - Civil Law Section