Air Canada chatbot court case

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Air Canada branded plane
John McArthur (Unsplash)
Air Canada was ordered to pay compensation its chatbot misled a passenger into purchasing full-price flight ticket.

Members of the media may directly contact:

Marina Pavlovic (English only)

Associate Professor, Faculty of Law - Common Law Section

[email protected]

Florian Martin-Bariteau (English and French)

University Research Chair in Technology and SocietyDirector, Centre for Law, Technology and Society, and Associate Professor, Faculty of Law - Common Law Section.

[email protected]

Professor Pavlovic and Professor Martin-Bariteau previously argued in a book chapter on AI and contracts that this decision was expected because when an AI agent goes rogue, the principal/player behind it is responsible for its actions.

Professor Pavlovic's work also comprises air passenger rights.